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Tuesday, April 16, 2013
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Article I – Name


The official name of this association shall be the Mid Hoosier Officials Association, Inc., hereinafter referred to as MHOA.  It is organized as an Indiana not-for-profit corporation.


Article II – Authority


This association is organized as an Indiana not-for-profit corporation and is authorized to act under the bylaws of the Indiana High School Athletic Association (IHSAA).  No rules or bylaws of the association shall supersede those of the IHSAA.


Article III – Purpose


The purpose of this association shall be:

  1. to unite athletic officials.
  2. to provide qualified athletic officials for each sport sanctioned by the IHSAA.
  3. to provide educational and training forums for members.
  4. to promote uniform interpretation and administration of the official rules and mechanics.
  5. to promote good sportsmanship among its members and athletic participants.
  6. to develop a better working relationship between members and school athletic directors.


Article IV – Membership


Section 1 – Status

  1. Member in good standing – one who pays dues for the fiscal year and attends at least the minimum number of IHSAA mandated meetings in each licensed sport prior to the membership verification of that sport to the IHSAA.
  2. Member – one who pays dues for the fiscal year.
  3. Honorary – one who is nominated by any member of this association and approved by the Board.  Honorary members become lifetime members and are exempt from paying dues.


Section 2 – Application

Any person holding a valid IHSAA officiating license may apply for membership with MHOA.  Candidates for membership are subject to approval by the Board.  Membership status is subject to review by the Board.  The Board may suspend or revoke membership of any member with cause, after a formal hearing.  Such hearing shall be held in private, may include the member(s) in question and may include the presentation of information from outside sources or witnesses, as deemed necessary.  The President shall preside over any such hearing of the Board, provided the President is not the subject of such hearing.


Section 3 – Rights

The right to vote is open to all members who have been approved by the board and paid his/her annual dues.  Members may wear the official patch of MHOA, as specified in the IHSAA Officials Handbook.  Members who pay dues by May 31st of the fiscal year shall be listed in all printed rosters and on the MHOA website.


Article V – Dues


The annual dues shall be set by the board of directors.  No initiation fees shall be required.  The deadline for dues is May 31stand a late fee will be assessed after the deadline.  Dues shall cover one fiscal year. Sports Chairpersons and the Technology Chairperson annual dues are waived for their appointed term.


Article VI – Committees


The Association shall have the following standing committees:

  1. Audit
  2. Responsible for a review of all financial activity of the association.
  3. Awards
  4. Responsible for the school sportsmanship award and member recognition.
  5. Banquet
  6. Responsible for planning and hosting of the annual meeting and dinner.
  7. Honorary Membership
  8. Responsible for recommending members for honorary status.
  9. Membership
  10. Responsible for collection of applications, dues, and maintaining rosters.
  11. Nominating
  12. Responsible for providing candidates for elected board positions.
  13. Website
  14. Responsible for maintaining the website and for notifications.


The President may appoint other committees as deemed necessary. Such committees may operate for a pre-designated term, or until the term of the president expires.


Committee members may be directors or any member in good standing.  Membership on a committee may be by appointment or on a volunteer basis.  The President shall name the committee members with the advice of the committee chairman and the Board.


Article VII – Board of Directors


  1. The Board of Directors shall consist of nine (9) members of which includes the four (4) officers and four (4) members elected at large from the active members, and the most recent Past President.
  2. The Board shall supervise the affairs of this association and have the authority in deciding matters of policy not otherwise decreed.
  3. The Board shall approve the financial transaction of the association and shall request an annual audit.
  4. The Board will appoint a successor to any office that may become vacant.  In the case of a vacancy of the President, the Vice-President shall automatically move into the position of President.  If for any reason the Vice-President does not fill the un-expired term of the President the remaining members of the Board will appoint a member of the Board to serve as President until the next election.
  5. The Board shall approve or deny all uses of the MHOA name and/or logo.


Article VIII – Officers and Chairpersons


Section 1 – Positions

  1. President
  2. Vice-President
  3. Secretary
  4. Treasurer
  5. Technology Chairperson
  6. Committee Chairperson
  7. Sports Chairperson


Section 2 – Duties

A)  President

  1. Serves as chairperson of the Board.
  2. Issues a call for all meetings.
  3. Presides over all business meetings.
  4. Appoints chairperson for all committees, sports and other activities.
  5. Recommends members who will attend IHSAA instruction meetings.
  6. Serves as MHOA representative for IHSOLA.
  7. Authorized agent for the withdrawal of funds.
  8. Prepares annual President’s report.


B)  Vice-President

  1. Serves on the Board.
  2. Official host of the association.
  3. Second in line of authority.
  4. In absence of President, presides over all business meetings.
  5. Assumes duties of the President as necessary.
  6. Is President-elect.
  7. Serves as chairperson of the nominating committee.
  8. Other duties as assigned by the President.
  9. Send the Secretary the attendance of each sport meeting.

C) Secretary 

  1. Serves on the Board.
  2. Records minutes of meetings, including Board.
  3. Maintains original copy of Constitution & By-Laws.
  4. Serves as MHOA representative for IHSOLA.
  5. Keeps records of all elections.
  6. Notifies all members of meetings.
  7. Presents Secretary’s report at the annual banquet/meeting.
  8. Other duties as assigned by the President.

D)  Treasurer

  1. Serves on the Board.
  2. Keeps records of all funds received and accounts payable.
  3. Presents financial records and reports to the Board as requested.
  4. Acts as authorized agent for the withdrawal of funds.
  5. Other duties as assigned by the President.
  6. Attends and provides financial records for annual audit.


E) Technology Chairperson

  1. Appointed by the President for no less than one year and may be re-appointed.
  2. Maintains the official Website of the MHOA.
  3. Serves as MHOA representative for IHSOLA.
  4. Will make reports to the Board as requested.
  5. Notifies membership of MHOA business while working with Secretary and Sports Chairpersons.
  6. Other duties as assigned by the President.


F)  Committee Chairperson

  1. Appointed by the President for no less than one year and may be re-appointed.
  2. Schedules all meetings for the committee, including date, time, location, and topic.
  3. Will make reports to the Board as requested.
  4. May select other MHOA members to serve on their committee.


G)  Sports Chairperson

  1. Appointed by the President for no less than one year and may be re-appointed.
  2. Schedules all meetings for the selected sport, including date, time, location, topic and presenter(s).
  3. All Sports Chairpersons are required to submit a complete list of meeting information as indicated herein to the President by the designated date mandated by the IHSAA for publication.
  4. Acts as liaison between schools and athletic directors.
  5. Acts as agent for all game assignments that this Association is contacted to fill, which may include an email notification or website based system.
  6. Maintains an accurate accounting of meeting attendance/agenda/minutes and provides same to the Secretary and Vice-President within one week of meeting date.
  7. Acts as point-of-contact for all rule interpretations with the IHSAA and the NFHS.
  8. Send nominations for Official of the Year to the President as requested.
  9. Other duties as assigned by the President.



Section 3 – Term of Office

  1. The president shall serve a two year term and may not succeed.
  2. The vice president shall serve a two year term, followed by a two year term as president.
  3. The secretary shall serve a two year term and may succeed.
  4. The treasurer shall serve a two year term and may succeed.


Section 4 – Elections

  1. Every year the President will appoint a Nominating Committee and the chairperson will prepare a list of nominees for each open position and submit the list to the Secretary by February 15th of the election year.
  2. Two at large board members will be elected each year and serve a two year term.
  3. The Secretary will deliver the official ballot to the membership by March 15 of the election year.  Ballots shall be returned by a specified date prior to the annual business meeting/banquet. Members who have not voted prior to the annual business meeting/banquet may request a paper ballot at the annual business meeting/banquet.  The committee shall count the ballots at the annual business meeting/banquet and report the results during the annual business meeting/banquet.
  4. In case of a tie(s), a second ballot will be taken at the annual business meeting/banquet – those receiving the simple majority vote cast on the second ballot shall be elected.
  5. Officers elected shall take responsibility at the adjournment of the annual business meeting/banquet.


Article IX – Meetings

  1. The Board shall meet at least five times in each fiscal year.
  2. The annual business meeting/banquet shall be held between April 1st and August 1st, as scheduled by the President.
  3. Individual sports meetings shall be held before and during the active season of the sport and those meetings shall be conducted at a time/place designated by the sports chairperson and he/she shall submit an attendance/agenda/minutes report to the Secretary and Vice-President after each meeting.
  4. Must attend the IHSAA mandated number of meetings in each licensed sport prior to the membership verification of that sport to the IHSAA to be considered for tournament assignment.
  5. All members are encouraged to attend all sport and Association meetings.


Article X -  Sportsmanship Award

  1. Each school year the MHOA may recognize at least one high school to receive the MHOA Sportsmanship Award.
  2. The award may be presented to the high school with the most favorable votes submitted by MHOA members throughout the current school year based upon the attitude and behavior of administrators, coaches, student-athletes, fans and school representatives.
  3. An Awards Committee appointed by the President will administer the program, compile the votes and provide timely updates to the President on the progress of the voting throughout the school year.


Article XI – Amendments

All amendments must be approved by a 2/3 vote of the Board before being implemented.  Such amendments shall not conflict with any policies belonging to the IHSAA.


Article XII – Quorum

A quorum for voting purposes shall be one more than fifty percent of the members of the Board.  A majority vote of those in attendance at a meeting shall be necessary to conduct business.


Article XIII – Parliamentary Authority

This association shall be governed by this document.  In the absence of any coverage, Robert’s Rules of Order, latest edition, shall prevail.  The Board shall have authority of making interpretations of all items in this document.



Article XIV – Status

  1. This association is organized not for profit and no part of its funds will inure to benefit of any private shareholder, or individual and this association will not engage in any business of any kind carried on for profit.



If de-activation of this association should occur its charter shall be returned to the IHSAA and all remaining funds in the treasury, after payment of any debts, shall be given to a charitable organization, designated by the Board.


Ratified Dec 15, 2013

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